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Yolanda Rhynes is a woman first. She has experienced all the hurts, pains, concerns, joys, happiness and successes that come with being a woman. However, the passion to study and teach the word of God has been birthed in her and the focus now is using this passion to change the lives of as many women as possible for the Kingdom of God.


Yolanda did not do "life" in the correct order. Her son was born right after high school in 1987 and she became a single parent, not marrying until 2006 and not finishing college until 2014.  Yolanda wants women to know that regardless of past hurts, mistakes, wrong choices, decisions or failures, God can still use them for His glory. There is still a purpose in the life of a Christian woman regardless of the past. Women have to learn to move themselves, their hurts, their pains, their mistakes and failures out of the way, learn to forgive themselves and let God do His thing!


A graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Yolanda holds both an Associate and Bachelor degrees in Business Management and a Master's Degree in Theology. She has taught children, adult and new member classes at various churches in Akron, Ohio. She and her family are currently members of the Word Church, Akron campus, under the leadership of Dr. R.A. Vernon. She yearns to take her knowledge to further walk into the purpose God has given her.


Yolanda has been married to Charles for 12 years. They have three children between them, Michael, Sky and Charles Xavier, one grandson, Kylan and an adopted granddaughter, Phoenix Reign.

While she is forever grateful of all God has done for her, Yolanda feels her greatest accomplishment is embracing God's call. She does not regret any heartbreak, tear, or pain in her life because those are now her platforms to stand on to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit that lives within her.


Her story. Her words. Through Him.



All About Me...

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