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Out of Time

I remember being a young girl, walking to and from school, to and from my friend's house, having fun, enjoying my youth, without a care in the world. I don't remember worrying about things then, like I worry about them now. I never worried about someone shooting me or breaking into my home. I remember catching the bus to get to wherever I wanted to go and it never worried me that I would be harmed in any way. Nowadays, it appears that everyone has a gun. You either have it by profession, to harm someone, or to defend yourself. I think of all of the people that I have known personally, or have just heard about, who have lost their lives to gun violence just within this past year alone. I am also reflecting on people who have lost their lives because of sickness, or a tragic accident. I also think about their last days. How they went about their day not knowing it would be their last day, minute, or hour. I also wonder about their souls. Did they know Jesus? Did they read the Bible? Did they pray? Were they truly saved or did they just look like they were? Sometimes I even wonder if they are in heaven. I also think about those people who have no desire to know God. I think about those people who go to church, but never really believed. I also think about how many lost people we have in this world today. I wonder how many people, before their last day, meant to give their lives to Christ, but simply ran out of time.

How many of us have started out our day, assuming we would accomplish everything we set out to do? It doesn't have to be anything major, but simple tasks like going to the grocery store or putting gas in the car. Just because those may be OUR plans for the day, they may not be God's plan for our day. Today could be our last day of life if God says so. James 4:14 (NASB) states: "Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away." This verse tells me that the next minute is not promised to us. We can be here today, and gone tomorrow. This verse also tells me that everyone knows their birthday, but we do not know our "deathday".

With that said, I would like to devote this message to the woman who started out with Christ, but somewhere along the way, you lost Him. Life happened and it was difficult for you to hear from Him. It was hard for you to pray. Instead of you fighting for the cause of Christ, you gave up. You stopped. You're running out of time!

This message is also for the woman who doesn't know Christ at all. Right now, you're the life of the party. You do what you want to do whenever you want to do it and you don't care how anyone feels about it. You're running out of time!

I am not trying to judge anyone. We all make mistakes and God loves us and forgives us all when we sincerely ask Him. But at some point, truly devoting your lives to Christ should make some of the sins that we committ a little uncomfortable. WARNING: be careful when sin becomes comfortable! Be careful when you have time for everything else, but you don't have time for God. Be careful when our desires are more important than what God desires. Do you know for sure that you are going to heaven when you die? Jesus is soon to return. Are you ready? How long are we going to keep living life without sincerely walking with God in every part of our lives? Before it's too late?

At the top of this blog, under the "salvation" tab, there is a prayer of salvation for those who want to be restored back to Christ. For those who want to start over again. For those who never knew Christ to begin with. When our time comes where we are facing death in one way, shape, or form, and we close our eyes for the last time, there is not a chance to make excuses for how you lived your life. You either believed and lived a life pleasing to Him, or you did not. There is no negotiation. There is no explaining. I am sure that all of the people who have lost their lives, particularly this last year had no clue that they had just hours, days or months to live. Sincerely embrace Jesus Christ in your life now before it's too late. Before you run out of time. I like to ask this question again: If you were to die tomorrow, are you for sure you are going to go to heaven? Think about it. If there is ANY doubt, correct it before you run out of time.

Forever hoping for you,


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