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A Letter from God

Dear Daughter,

I want to first start off by saying how much I love you. Someone may need to hear this today. I remember when I formed you in your mother’s womb. I delighted in the plans and the paths that I knew you would follow. I created you to be strong through the power I have given you. Some of you do not realize how much power you have! I skillfully crafted you into the woman that you were designed to be. You were blueprinted soft enough for the heart of a man but strong enough to stand alone, if needed, to walk in excellence, faith and integrity. Daughter, you are considered complete in My eyes. After I made man, this task was not complete until You were made. Then, you were perfect, and you were good; equipped with all the necessities to be successful.

But somewhere along the way, something changed. You stopped seeking after Me. You stopped talking to Me. Your wants and your desires are more important than what I destined you for. I am no longer the most important Person in your life. Instead, trying to find a husband has been your ultimate goal. Trying to advance your career or your education is more important than Me. Some of you cannot let go of the hurt, mistakes or failures of your past so I can give you the desires of your heart. You are still holding on to the anger, rejection, unforgiveness and pain. Yes, I saw everything that happened to you and through you. You have let the demons of your life consume you in such a way that you have no room for Me because of all of the baggage you are still harboring in your heart. Don’t you know that this affects you worshipping me? Or do you even care? Some of you do not take the time to worship me in church, or even go to church for that matter. And if you do, your not there for Me. Going to church just because it is the “thing” to do is not what I want you to do. Going to church because you have some ministry to serve on is not what I want you to do. Going to church will help you build your relationship with Me! Can’t you see everything that is going on around you? The world keeps shutting Me out but I need You to keep Me at the forefront everywhere you go. Saturate yourself with Me. Meditate on Me. Everything you do should be as unto Me. You would know this if you took the time to read my other love letter: the Bible. I have made it so convenient that you can even find this letter on your phone, computer or tablet AND in a version that you can understand. There should be no reason why you can't find Me. I am everywhere!

Daughter, I have so much that I need for you to do, if you would only seek Me first and not people, places, or things. A lot of the situations you would not find yourself in, if you had just looked for Me first. But, the good news is, regardless of what you have done, or have not done, My love never left you. My love never changed. You did. You walked away. You made that choice. I stayed and I am still here. I created you to walk in total freedom! Let go of anything that is stopping you from getting to Me or back to Me. I am coming soon and I need for you to get into position! Time is running out! Let go of attention-getting. Let go of bitterness. Let go of depression. Let go of excuses. Let go of fear. Let go of frustration. Let go of jealousy. Let go of unhealthy relationships. I need a whole woman to help Me make other women whole! I need for you to change the world with Me! I need you to follow Me. Despite what it may look like, I need you to trust Me. I need you get up, show up, stand up and speak up….for Me! I need you to pray to Me like you have never prayed before! I need for you to study (not just read) about Me, like you have never done before! I need you to love Me as much as I love you. It is time to fall in love with Me all over again. I’m waiting. Just call on me. I will answer.

Love, God

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