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Get into Position!

Some of us as women do not realize the power that we have. I believe that God has equipped us with the type of power that can change circumstances, situations and even the atmosphere! In researching some of the most notable women in the Bible, these women were able to change their situation. Some changes were good, some changes were bad and their motives may have not been in the right place. The point here is that they were put in situations, some by choice, where they had some type of influence.

EVE: She became the first woman, wife and mother, all without having a role model to follow after. Maybe you are a woman reading this, who has now found herself in a position that was beyond your control. Maybe you are widowed or divorced and trying to learn how to live without your significant other. Maybe you are now finding yourself raising children alone. Maybe you were let go from your job and now you are finding yourself possibly having to go back to school, or adjust your standard of living to make ends meet. These are all situations that happen to us that we are not in control of. We are just thrown into this type of abyss trying to figure things out. So, how DO you figure things out when there is know one to show you? You have to GET INTO POSITION and it starts with positioning your attitude. You are the type of woman that needs to learn to believe in yourself and what you can accomplish despite what it looks like. This requires prayer and meditating on the word of God. In addition, you have to learn to shut out the noises in your life. Sometimes, we as women talk too much and we don’t talk to the right person. Your best friend may not be the right person. Your sister or mother may not be the right person. We have to be careful whom we let into our lives. In situations like Eve, we don’t have time for people telling us what we can and cannot do, or how we should do it. For the EVE woman, getting into position means relying on God to see you through the places you can’t see and it starts with your attitude, along with perseverance and faith. You CAN do this!

DELILAH: She used all of her feminine wiles to get Samson to spill his most precious secret. Maybe you are a woman reading this, who has the sole purpose in life of getting ahead, by any means necessary, despite who it hurts or who it may affect. You are all about furthering your career, maintaining a high standard living and money has become your idle. You make sure you look good, live good and ride good. You will do whatever it takes to benefit yourself, no matter how it hurts others. Maybe you used some sort of trickery to get the job that you have. Maybe you live your life as a façade (you’re one way in public but another way behind closed doors). Maybe it’s hard for people to trust you because of your reputation. Maybe it’s hard to keep friends because you have thrown them all up under the bus at some point in your life. These are all situations that you DO have control of. It’s all about choices. So, how DO you make the right choices? It starts with realizing who YOU are, more specifically, who you ARE in Christ! If you do not have a relationship with Christ (see the Salvation tab at, we should still treat others the way we want to be treated. I know this is something that may seem elementary to us or something we learned as little girls, but it is a true statement and I am a firm believer that how you treat people and what you say about people, CAN come back on you in one way, shape or form! You have to GET INTO POSITION and it starts with establishing a relationship with Christ if you don’t have one, and if you do, it’s time to re-focus. You need to determine your motives behind what you do. Everything you do should be as unto the Lord. You also need to learn what it means to be humble and realize that all of your accomplishments were only made possible by God himself. HE opened those doors for you, you did not open them yourself! Lastly, if there were people along the way that you have mistreated, you need to apologize to them and ask for forgiveness. Even if they are not receptive of it, at least you are trying to make amends. Remember, your focus is not on yourself anymore, it’s on God. It’s time to repair these broken relationships, renew your mind and give GOD ALL the glory. You CAN do this!

ESTHER: She was known to be a very beautiful woman who had the courage and the power to save her people and a nation. Maybe you are a woman reading this, who is not sure what your purpose in life should be. You keep asking yourself why did God create you and what should you be doing with your life. I encourage you to look inside yourself and to seek God about what your purpose is. Did you realize that God used something simple as beauty for Esther to GET INTO POSITION? I am not sure if Esther realized how powerful her beauty was. I am not sure if she realized that she had everything she needed to be used by God. What I like about her is that she just didn’t see herself as a pretty woman. Her beauty was so captivating that it opened up doors for her to be connected to royalty and this is where she needed to be to save her people. She saw herself as someone who can make a difference. You already have something in you that can change the world. Don’t allow yourself to be put into another persons box. Just because you look a certain way, or act a certain way does not mean that is who you are. You have more in you than what you think. In addition ladies, there is nothing wrong with looking good and taking care of yourself. Get your hair done, your nails done, exercise and feel good about yourself. However, your quest to be beautiful to find a man or for some other purpose should not be your only quest in life. Until your Boaz comes along, change the world and look good while you’re doing it! You CAN do this!

REBEKAH: She used her influence to thwart a blessing for one son and had it given to another son. In this case, Rebekah favored one of her sons (Esau) over another (Jacob). Maybe there was something about Esau that Jacob didn't have. Maybe Jacob and Rebekah didn’t get along. The Bible doesn’t indicate why she favored one over the other, but nevertheless, favoritism existed. As women, we can be very cliquey. We gravitate towards other women who fit in our criteria of acceptance and we tend to look down our faces at other women who don’t fit in. Because some of us have adopted the “Rebekah” attitude, we have thwarted our own blessings or thwarted the blessings of others because they’re different, or we simply don’t like them. This is part of the reason why we can’t get people to come to church now. We look down on people who are less fortunate, who may not live where we live, drive what we drive look the way we look or talk the way we talk. Then we walk around as if we are better than they are; as if we have arrived. Jesus made a point to not play favorites. He loved everyone, especially those no one else wanted to be around. It’s time to GET INTO POSITION LADIES. There are too many women who are lost and they need us. We have to quit competing with each other and love each other a little more and to pray for each other more. You never know what people are going through and you taking the time to look past what is different about them, and embracing them for who they are is what we is needed. But this can’t happen if we don’t GET INTO POSITION!

I wanted to use a mixture of women here to show that regardless of what we are using our power for, that we are influential. It is up to us to choose what we are going to be influential in and that we use it for God’s glory. It’s time to look within yourself and make changes. Every single day that God blesses us with is a gift. Just read the news and hear about all of the tragedies that are happening in this world. We have to begin making a difference in someone’s life with the time we have left. There is a woman who is hurting. There is a woman who is contemplating suicide. There is a woman who is dealing with a health issue. There is a woman trying to cope with the loss of her loved one. There is a woman who is sleeping around. There is a woman who does not know what her purpose is. There is a woman who is living in fear. There is a woman who feels like life is not worth living. ALL of these women are waiting for us to GET INTO POSITION! The creation of Adam was not complete until a woman GOT INTO POSITION! LET’S DO THIS!

"And let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day drawing near." (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Forever hoping for you,