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My Four Step Signature Process:

Awareness - where you are right now

Vision - where you are trying to go

Strategy & Action - how will you get there

Obstacles - what is stopping you from getting there

My Areas of Expertise & Topics:

I help Christian women reach their full potential in overcoming obstacles as it relates to dealing with an absent father, navigating through unhealthy relationships, handling life as a single mother, helping you work on what your life's purpose and helping you grasp the basics in getting control of your finances, OR any area that you would need someone to support you in or just to have a listening ear.

This COACHING program:
is designed to reflect on th
e genesis of our lives. Sometimes we have to go back to the little girl in us. Sometimes we have to reflect on how it all started. Even though our parents had every intention on raising us well (and I am sure they did), at some point, we had to learn to fly and make decisions on our own. As it should be. The hope is that our parents instilled in us everything we need to become successful human beings.


It's called LIFE and now our path to successful "human beingness"  is now muddled with sticks, rocks and mud. Our path is no longer clear.

What is the stick, rock or mud puddle in your life? What is stopping you from clearing a path and seeing the road ahead?

Let's discover what that road looks like. Book a call with me today!

Contact me today....... 
to get started on your journey towards greater self-awareness and success.

Let me help you rise above and move forward! 

Let me help you find your voice again!


It Doesn't Matter How You Start.
It's How You End Up That Counts!

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