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Yolanda sets her foundation on three

words: FAITH, FAVOR and FOCUS. Through a

series of blogs, the goal of this blog is to

equip every woman with the tools they need to

succeed through life, via God's Word. This

ministry aims to go beyond just basic bible

reading, but to walk deeply through the

scriptures and to capture the essence of God's



There is power in the word of God and there

is a message that God is trying to send to His

daughters. It is time to walk away from those

things that have held us, as women, in

bondage to the point that we cannot walk into what God's purpose is for our lives. It is the end of the old and the beginning of the new. 


It is my prayer that each and every woman will be blessed beyond what the human eye can see and to learn to walk by FAITH, to always thank God and reflect on the FAVOR He has bestowed upon your life, and most of all, to begin to FOCUS on what He created you for.


There is UNLIMITED HOPE in Jesus Christ. 

I hope my blog will be a blessing to you.


The Vision

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