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Get unstuck

Identify your strengths and passions

Find your life purpose

Build your confidence

Nurture a richer relationship with God

Increase your skills

Find greater meaning in what you do

Take practical steps to achieve goals


You will reflect on where you are right now (AWARENESS), where you are trying to go (VISION), how you will get there (STRATEGY & ACTION) and what is stopping you from getting there (OBSTACLES). 


This coaching program involves reflecting on the genesis of our lives - where it all began.  Sometimes we have to go back to the little girl in us. Even though our parents had every intention on raising us well (and I am sure they tried), at some point, we had to learn to fly and make decisions on our own. As it should be. The hope is that our parents instilled in us everything we need to become successful human beings.​


BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED. It's called life and now our path to successful "human beingness" is now muddled with sticks, rocks and mud. Our path is no longer clear. What is the stick, rock, or mud puddle in your life? What is stopping you from clearing a path and seeing the road ahead? Let's discover what that road looks like. Book a call with me today!


$75 per one hour session

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Know your worth in God.
Embrace it! Live it! Own it! Walk in it!

This journey involves some components necessary for success in finding your worth. 

Be Transparent.
In order for you to experience true worth within yourself, you first have to face yourself - the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly. You can no longer hide from who you really are. You need to quit pretending to be something you are not. You need to let go of the "fake it until you make it world." Underneath the eyelashes and hair is a little girl with real issues. These issues need to be confronted - not covered up. Wash the makeup off and surrender to opening up to what God has for you. Rise above and move forward.        

Be Spiritual.
In order for you to experience true worth within yourself, you need to evaluate where you are spiritually. Church attendance is important, but your salvation is not based on how often you attend church. Your salvation is based on your relationship with God. Just like you spend time with your "boo", you need to spend time with God. Please don't be the one who calls on God only when you need Him to do something. No one likes the feeling of being used. Read your bible and study what you are reading. This may require a commentary or other supporting resources. Don't just read the bible for the sake of reading it. Rise above and move forward.    

Be Courageous.
In order for you to experience true worth within yourself, you need to have some courage. Why? Because the enemy has been waiting on you to get to this point. He doesn't want you to get closer to God. He doesn't want you to walk into what God has for you. So he's going to use every trick in his book to distract you, get you off balance and try to confuse you. He's going to throw every curve ball at you. He will use a loved one, sickness, death, anxiety, fear, frustration, eating disorders, anything to break your stride. You always have to be one step ahead of the enemy. Rise above and move forward.   

Be Intentional.
In order for you to experience true worth within yourself, you have to be intent on how you handle and react to things. You have to choose the best decision for yourself. My mother used to say that you should pick and choose your battles. I know there are times in the morning where I have to encourage myself for the day because I know I am going to be against some challenging situations. I also understand that some of those situations are intended to get me off focus so I have to be intentional with my attitude and CHOOSE to be happy, CHOOSE to persevere and CHOOSE to say focused on Christ no matter what. Rise above and move forward. 

Be Prayerful.
In order for you to experience true worth within yourself, you have to stay in constant communication with God. There is no way you can handle this life without a consistent prayer life. Depending on my circumstances, sometimes there are multiple prayer a day to God, and even prayers to just make it to the end of the work day. Prayer changes things. It is our communication with God inviting Him in our lives. But not only do we need to have a consistent prayer life, but we have to learn to listen to the response. Some responses may not be when you want it, and sometimes it may not be at all, but having that communication with God is of the utmost importance. You must learn to trust the process and trust God. Rise above and move forward.

Be Balanced.
In order for you to experience true worth within yourself, you have to have balance. While you are handling things on the spiritual side, your physical, mental and emotional health are just as important. You should always constantly improve yourself on a daily basis. Read a good book, practice self care, take an exercise class, get your finances in order, finish or start a degree program.  All of these things are essential and play a part in knowing your worth and can be used to uplift the kingdom of God. Life, laugh, love. Rise above and move forward. 

Do You Have a Relationship with God?

I would love to work with you wherever you are in your spiritual walk, however, this is a biblically based program and a relationship with God would allow you to have a more fulfilling experience.  Consider setting up a complimentary "discovery call" with me to get you on the right road before you commit to a program. I am anxious to see what God has in store for you!

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