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Yolanda Rhynes, Certified Christian Coach, is not therapy, counseling, advice-giving, mental health care or treatment for substance abuse. The coach is to functioning as a license mental health professional and coaching is not intended as a replacement for counseling, psychiatric interventions, treatment for mental illness, recovery from past abuse professional medical advice, financial assistance, legal counsel, or other professional services.

 Coaching will be an ongoing relationship that might take a number of months, although either party an terminate at any time. Some or all of the coaching might be through telephone contact.


Coaching is a confidential relationship and the coach agrees to keep all information strictly confidential, except in those situations in which such confidentiality would violate the law or could jeopardize the safety of the client or others.


Coaching is done with the assumption that each person in the relationship is guided by her values and beliefs. The Christian coach is a committed follower of Jesus Christ and seeks to live in accordance with this commitment. The Christian coach is honest in making this revelation, but she respects the different values and beliefs of others. The Christian coach does not seek to impose his or her values on another, proselytize, condemn, or refuse coaching services to people who do not share similar values and beliefs.


Each meeting will last sixty minutes but sessions could go longer at no extra cost. There will be no pre-determined length of commitment or set frequency of meeting times. These will be determined as the relationship progresses. Efforts will be made to accommodate each other's schedules. This agreement may be extended by mutual agreement or terminated by either party at any time.


Except in in unusual circumstances, cancellations should be given at least 24 hours prior to the schedule appointment time.

The coach cannot guarantee specific results or outcomes as a result of coaching services. The success of coaching depends on various factors, including the client's commitment and effort.

Financial coaching is not investment, financial planning, or tax advice. We do not provide specific investment recommendations or financial planning services. Clients should consult with a qualified financial advisor for personalized financial advice.

By engaging in coaching services with Yolanda, clients acknowledge that they understand and agree to the terms of this disclaimer. Clients release Yolanda from any liability for decisions made, actions taken, or outcomes experienced as a result of coaching services.

We encourage clients to consult with appropriate professionals, such as medical professionals, therapists, spiritual advisors, and financial advisors, when necessary or appropriate.

We reserve the right to modify or update this disclaimer at any time without prior notice. Clients are encouraged to review this disclaimer periodically.

By engaging in coaching services with Yolanda, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.

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