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This Is My Story!

It took me a while to figure out what it was that God was calling me to do. I knew it was something, but that something took me through a lot of twists, turns, trials, errors and distractions until I discovered my “aha moment”. I knew that I wanted to make a difference and change lives as well as bring women closer to Jesus Christ!​


I discovered that growing up without my father was the biggest obstacle I had to face in my life. 


This obstacle set the stage for my interactions with others, my relationships, my struggles, my friendships, the decisions I made…everything. That rejection??? That is another beast altogether. 


With that said, I feel that God is calling me to use this platform to help women rise above and move above the circumstances in their lives.


My goal is to help you on this journey. You might be asking what makes me qualified to do this. While I carry both a Bachelor and Master degrees as well as having a background in Human Relations, Philosophy, Negotiation/Conflict Resolution, Theology and Biblical Counseling, I have also obtained life coaching certification from the National Association of Christian Counselors (NACC) and will be obtaining additional certification.


My personal experience and God’s direction and guidance has helped me along the way.


I believe that experience is the best teacher. My life experience is also my certification. I remember all the times in my life where I thought anything bad always happened to me.  I had to grow up without a father. I found myself in a relationship with someone who was too old for me. I became a single mother at the age of 19.  I tried to stop the rejection I was experiencing in my life through unhealthy relationships. I tried to force friendships. 


I lost my voice.


Not my actual voice, but in these moments, I felt as if I was nothing, as if I did not exist, that no one cared. And for a long time I felt as if something was wrong with me. I decided to live in my safe, little world where no one could hurt me because I did not want to be rejected anymore.

 And the people I did allow to get close to me, hurt me.


There had to be something wrong with me. I lost me. I lost who I was.


I was taken advantage of.


But GOD! With His help, I was able to rise above and move forward past my circumstances. I became a home owner. My son is awesome!!! I have been married for 17 years. I am college educated. I am almost debt free and I pray for my Dad every day.


I love the Lord and He is the center of everything that I do….including helping me help you.


Allow me to help you find your voice again. Book a call with me today!  

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